1/15/18 January Key Largo Fishing for Snook

Got out for a full day of key largo snook fishing in the everglades today!  Being january we’ve still had a good bit of colder weather, and we had another front come in over the weekend.  Temperatures dropped down into the mid 50s here, not terribly cold, but still a decent front.  The water out back got into the high 50s so we were definitely still in ‘cold weather mode.’  Fishing didn’t start out red hot, we worked a few areas hard without much luck.  Did find a couple snook in one spot and a trout, but had to give it a lot of time for a few bites.  We moved around and found one spot that was holding a few black drums.  Again same thing we had to give it ample time and managed a handful of fish in an hour or so.  Sometimes it is just like that though.  As the tide came in and the day went on, the water warmed up a bit.  I figured we might be able to get on a good spot to end the day, or at least hoped so.  We did find an area that just looked gorgeous… the best looking water I’ve seen in a while.  Most the water today was very ‘mudded out’ with a silty, dirty look from all the wind.  You never know how the fronts will affect things these days, there is so much soft bottom that sometimes it gets all churned up in a lot of prime area and the fish just dont like that.  Anyways it was good looking here, and the fish were happy there.  We caught a good half dozen snook, a half dozen redfish, and a few more black drum.  Also got a few sheepshead and trout too!  Really made the day which was a nice way to end it.  I wish we could’ve spread that all out throughout the day but I’ll take it how i can get it.  Over the weekend I fished and I couldn’t get to this spot as it was very busy and a couple boats were on it.  So being a week day today it was much less busy which is always a good thing for fishing in the key largo everglades.  Anyways I’ll be back at it tomorrow, and then I have a few days open at the end of the week until Saturday.  If you are looking to get out there charter fishing in Key Largo, give me a shout!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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Author: Capt. Rick Stanczyk

Florida Keys Fishing Captain born and raised in Islamorada, FL!