1/9/2018 Key Largo Inshore Fishing in January

Got out for a fun trip today with my wife Elizabeth for a little fun day of key largo inshore fishing.  It was slick calm though overcast as it was forecast to rain.  We didn’t get wet though really just a sprinkle at the end of the day.  The water temperatures were still low from the recent cold front we had over the past weekend, still a chilly 61 degrees or so.  But they were down to as cold as 52 in some areas of the bay!  We fished some areas I hadn’t been in a while to try some stuff out and get out of my same routine.  Unfortunately most of that didn’t work out very well!  We did catch a couple black drum and a couple trout in some areas, but that was all.  Worked a good shoreline with the trolling motor for a while with only a drum there to show for it.  A few creek mouths that looked great were surprisingly not holding any fish.  But we did get on a spot at the end of the day that was holding heavy and is a fairly well known ‘winter time’ spot.  We ended up getting on a great bite of black drum, with a few redfish, a snook, some trout, and a sheepshead mixed in there.  Was just incredible fishing and made up for the rest of the day!  Some times you get on these spots in the key largo backwater fishing and it just makes your whole trip.  Anyways after that we headed home.  I don’t have much on the books this week but next week is already all booked up, so if you want to get out fishing this week give me a shout I have days open.  The weather looks great light winds, should be real nice out!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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Author: Capt. Rick Stanczyk

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