7/10/19 July Summer Time Fishing Report for Key Largo

Summer is here and we’ve had stellar fishing in the bays of the Key Largo backcountry.  The everglades have been just loaded with redfish and snook like we haven’t seen in years!  Hurricane Irma did us one favor and that was to help clean up years of nastiness that had built up in the bays due to seagrass die off and algae blooms.  We’re seeing fish in spots that had been dead for years… truly great to see!  Tarpon fishing has been very good too.  We had a stellar year last year, this year started off red hot too.  The summer fishing isn’t quite as good as last year, but definitely still pretty good.  I’ve been getting into some good schools of permit as well out in the deeper gulf of mexico.  With my brand new Contender Bay Boat that can run 50 mph, you can get out to those deeper wrecks on the calm days and that is definitely a blast!  Permit can be out there all through the summer but July is often one of the better months.  There have been tons of tripletail in the bays of the backcountry as well which is awesome to see.  That is normally something we see in the summer, but the numbers this year are off the charts!  If you are visiting Key Largo and wanting to go fishing, it’s a great time to do it!  It’s not as busy especially as we get into August and September, so you can set up a trip short notice.  Drop me a line and I’ll shoot you straight – I really like to go when fishing is good and if I don’t think your expectations are reasonable I’ll tell you honestly.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing