September Key Largo Fishing Report 2016

Key Largo Fishing in September has been terrific!  We’ve had a great late run of tarpon this year, and it’s been some of the biggest numbers and best action we’ve had all year.  We had several days with multiple tarpon landed.  Fish were in just about every spot we went to for a week or so, very nice to see!  Just yesterday we got way deep into the everglades for some key largo redfish fishing and got into several nice reds and snook as well.  The redfish fishing has been tough this year with all the water quality issues we’ve been dealing with, but if you go the distance you can find good areas to fish still.  I imagine when things cool off for the winter we will get better fishing for them too which is right around the corner.  In the bays the trout and snapper fishing has been good on the half day trips.  We got lots of table fare the other day on a half day, with our limit of trout fairly easily in a few hours.  October is coming up soon and I’ll be out of town until then, but that is a great time of year for fishing down here in the Keys.  The crowds are gone and the fall bait run usually starts to take effect.  We have all kinds of predator fishing chasing huge schools of mullet, pilchards, sardines, herring – you name it!  It can make for some of the best fishing you may see in your life time, no joke!  Give me a call if you want to get out and wet a line.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk