August Fishing in Key Largo

Sorry for the lack of updates things have just been extremely busy for me.  Though i’ve been updating my other blogs on the regular just been slacking a little here…   Anyways the tarpon season this year has been very good, much better than last year.  We’ve had a spectacular summer time bite back in the everglades…  This August so far we’ve landed 31 tarpon in just 11 trips, and still a good number of large fish around.  Today we had a banner day and landed 6, most of which were in the 100 lb range!  Even got one that was around 130 or so, and landed a double header of tarpon both were near 100 lbs.  Anyways things are starting to slow down a little and ‘off season’ is right around the corner.  I’d figure I’d just update everyone to let them know there is never an off season for fishing here, just a slow down with business.  Last year actually our best tarpon fishing was in September and October, so you aren’t too late if you want to come catch the silver king.  Give me a shout if you are interested in getting down to fish in key largo, the next few months I’ll have dates available and usually can get something going short notice too.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk