4/28/13 Tarpon fishing key largo in april is hot!

Been very focused on catching big key largo tarpon fishing in april.  We caught 4 today.  Fun fishing a couple days ago we caught 2 in a couple hours.  The day before another big day with 4.  Pretty much tarpon every day since my last report and multiple fish on all days.  Lots of mullet around which has been the bait of choice.  If you want to go on a key largo tarpon charter now is the time, I have evenings available which can be a very good bet.  The key largo night fishing for tarpon is lots of fun and often a productive time to go.  We have good tides coming up this week and I have some evenings available, give me a call!42813benpoon2

4-21-13 Offshore Fishing in Key Largo in Mid April

The Offshore fishing in Key Largo has been pretty active lately. We’ve been catching a little bit of everything, and doing quite a variety of fishing. The Shark fishing has been very exciting lately. We caught 5 tiger sharks our last 3 shark trips from 400 – 700 lbs. All catch and release. We also had a couple bull sharks mixed in too. We’ve had a couple good days on the mahi and a couple slow days. They are really just starting to show up so it’s still a little early to count on them. Our best day was 35 fish, mostly schoolies but we did gaff a few up to 8 lbs. The amberjack bite is on fire! We caught 6 amberjacks yesterday with 3 bruisers over 50 lbs. They make great smoked fish dip and decent table fare. We have better eating fish so we usually don’t eat them as much as other places, but they’re definitely edible! We been catching yellowtail, vermillion, and mangrove snapper as well when we wanted dinner! A couple weeks ago we also had some good sailfishing, catching 3 one afternoon and then 6 the following day. The sails have thinned out now, but we might see some more here soon. The permit showed up on the reef the past few weeks and we have caught a handful of them, including some real beauties weighing in the 30 lb class range. On the reef we also had a cobia yesterday and saw another one that didn’t bite. Send me an email when you’re looking to get out on a key largo fishing charter and we’ll hook you up! We are only twenty minutes south and fish the same waters!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


4/19/13 Tons of tarpon in key largo

The april key largo tarpon fishing is holding strong.  Boated fish practically every day this month with multiple hookups and evening multiple landings not uncommon on a trip.  The day bite has been fantastic most days in the backcountry.  Local bridge/channel fishing around key largo fishing has been good too in the evenings.  Live mullet, fresh dead mullet, and the occasional crab have been the baits of choice.  We caught 3 out of 4 today, we caught 4 out of 6 yesterday/night , 3 out of 6 the day/night before that, and so on.  If a key largo fishing charter is in your future, shoot me an email and lets discuss!536915_369323016520074_1040218900_n

4/14/13 Key Largo Tarpon Fishing stays strong!

Went deep in the backcountry april tarpon fishing key largo today.  There has been loads of fish in certain spots if you know where to look.  We caught 6 out of 13 lunker tarpon, fresh in to eat and fatten up for the spawn.  They were biting good, on everything – mullet, ladyfish, and one bite on a crab while catching the ladies!  Key largo fishing charter fishing is excellent for the big tarpon right now, if your looking to go just give me a ring or email.  I have evenings available which are excellent for tarpon fishing.  Last night we went and caught 2 out of 8 local fish.  It could of been 3 caught if you count the one that jumped and slammed on my bow, luckily not got into my boat.  Very exciting action when your fishing for this big key largo tarpon.carlotar41413

4/9/13 Key Largo April Tarpon Fishing Report

Today we caught 2 out of 4 big key largo tarpon fishing in the backcountry of the Florida Keys.  Dead mullet on the bottom did the trick.  We saw plenty of rolling happy fish in the backcountry channels, with the end of the falling tide they were in ‘feed mode’.  These fish often bite much better than local fish later into  the morning – the water is dirtier, less boats fish for them, and they are fresh wild in from the gulf.  The april key largo tarpon fishing should continue to improve as more migrating fish show up.  I have some evenings available through April and May though most every day is booked as my customers book ‘prime’ dates months in advance.  If your interested in a fishing charter in key largo than give me a ring, I’d be more than happy to take you or refer you to a professional, courteous guide that I work with!906975_4937699280024_329983535_o

4-6-13 Offshore fishing report for Key Largo

Sorry I haven’t given you guys more of a recent key largo fishing report! I have been fishing almost every day and today I’m gonna tell you what I’ve been catching a little south of Key Largo! Overall the past few weeks the fishing has been decent. Mixed bags are the name of the game when fishing in Key Largo in April. We have still be focusing on the reef lately, doing everything from live baiting with kites, slow trolling live baits, and bottom fishing. We hit some nice cobias earlier this week, including this 40 lber. We had some really good king mackerel fishing, with fish up to 25 lbs. The snapper bite has been pretty good too, including everything from lane, yellowtail, mutton and vermillion! We have also be doing some Shark fishing in the Florida Keys and caught and released a nice hammerhead today weighing close to 200 lbs and earlier in the week we released a giant 500 lb tiger shark! We also have been doing some wreck fishing catching amberjack, releasing goliath grouper, african pompano, etc. I got out one day Swordfishing in Key Largo, on the 21st of March, and it wasn’t a red hot bite, we waited the entire day for 1 bite actually, but fortuantely our hook was sharp and after a 30 minute battle we landed a respectable 115 lb broadbill swordfish. We have also been releasing many shallow water groupers (blacks, reds, and gags) the past few weeks since the season is close until May 1st. We caught a couple sailfish the past few weeks, but the bite has definitely been on the slower side, and for action there better things to do! Let me know when you’re down in Key Largo and want to go fishing! It’s worth the 20 minute drive south!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


4/4/13 Great tarpon fishing in Key Largo

Went 8/17 on tarpon today tarpon fishing key largo!  We fished fresh lively mullet caught in a big ball early this morning.  1 throw of the net and a 100+ baits is always a nice thing!  Caught 4/4 in the backcountry, and 4/9 around some of the local florida keys tarpon fishing bridges.  If your looking to go out fishing give me a ring!