6/28/13 June Key Largo Tarpon Fishing Report

The june key largo tarpon fishing has still been productive.  Not a whole lot of big numbers but have gotten some nice tarpon just about every trip the last week that we’ve tried.  Falling tide in the afternoons earlier in the week on the end of our day trips produced fish every day on dead mullet.  The last few evenings the tide has been later so on our night trips we’ve caught them, 2 out of 3 two nights ago, and 2 out of 4 last night.  Plus even some other big things such as sharks and the elusive mud marlin.  If you want to catch some summer key largo tarpon fishing then it’s a good time to go.  The day time fishing deep in the everglades has been productive too – that fishery is very good in July and August and not many people fishing then.  Drifting live crabs on the evening trips locally around key largo bridges with falling tide should be a good bet through July and often you can find guides willing to go a little later since many of us are not fishing every day and the fishing closer to dark can be a better bet.  Give me a call – we’ll put you on some big ones!

6-26-13 Key Largo Deep Sea Fishing Report

It’s officially summer time here in Key Largo which means it’s time for Mahi! The bite the last few weeks has been pretty good overall, and there’s been fish of all sizes. We are having to measure some fish to see if they are legal size, and then we’ve had some nice bulls up to 30 lbs. There’s also been quite a few “football” size blackfin tuna on the humps south of key largo. The swordfishing has been a little tough lately, but we did manage two nice fish, one around 110 lbs and the other around 130 lbs. I imagine the mahi fishing will remain good, the tuna bite should improve, and hopefully the sword bite turns into a great bite like it did last year at this time. Make the drive a few miles south and send us an email when you’re ready to go fishing.

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


6/21/13 June Key Largo Tarpon Fishing

Well the june key largo tarpon fishing is still happening.  Fishing is not quite what it was in the spring but still a mix of migrating fish with plenty of locals.  We had some action in the backcountry a few days ago fishing them around flamingo channels and the surronding area.  Mostly fishing fresh dead mullet.  Today we ran back near key largo and fished some of the local channels and caught a big tarpon as well as a ‘mud marlin.’  A couple evenings ago we also had 2 bites and caught 1 big tarpon in the same area.  In the backcountry the tarpon fishing can get good in a hurry though can turn off just as quick.  There is still plenty of action fishing for trout, snappers, ladyfish, etc…  Some snook have been off the shorelines of the mainland and some of the backcountry creeks and moats.  A few redfish can be found in the super skinny water too.61913poon

6/11/13 June Backcountry Fishing in Key Largo

Well the june key largo fishing backcountry has been a little tough the last week.  We’ve had some nasty green water and lots of grass/weed from the hard offshore winds.  Though today it laid out nicely and things started to get a bit better for us.  We went in the gulf of mexico which is a long ride from key largo but from our docks can be done.  The wrecks were not red hot but had some good fish to be caught.  We had lots of big sharks including some blacktips, a lemon, and plenty of hard fighting bull sharks.  We also caught 4 big goliath groupers up to several hundred pounds.  The key largo shark fishing is a good bet in the summer.  We had several shots at permit and did catch one too.  The fish were not biting very good though only had a couple try to eat, on shrimps and crabs both tested.  We also got a nice little cobia plus pulled off another.  Great key largo fishing charter in june.

6-7-13 Summer Time fishing in Key Largo

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here while fishing in Key Largo. We have been going Key Largo Deep Sea fishing mostly, out in search of mahi, tuna, and wahoo. The mahi bite has been really good so far this year, it finally slowed up a little the last week, but still decent fishing. We had some nice fish the past few weeks, most days have 4 or 5 fish from 15 – 35 lbs, and then 10 – 20 schoolies. The past couple days we have had lots of schoolies, but I’m sure we’ll get on some of the big ones again soon. We’ve been catching the occasional wahoo while trolling, as well as a few little “football” blackfin tunas. Today we caught our limit of mahi in the morning and then decided to anchor down for some reef fishing, we wound up catching our limit of yellowtail snapper in 90 minutes before calling it a day. We caught 2 daytime swordfish last week on one trip, about 40 and 60 lbs, and then we fished a couple days later with no sword action, but we did have some nice mahi. There should be plenty of mahi the next few weeks and hopefully the sword bite picks up like it did last year at this time. It’s worth the 20 minute drive south of Key Largo to go fishing in Islamorada! There has also been some nice mutton snappers and black groupers while bottom fishing on the reef! Send us an email when you’re ready to get out on a charter!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk bnmcharters@gmail.com



6/4/13 June Key Largo Fishing Report

Well it’s been a lot of rain lately the last several days and more for tomorrow too at least.  It hasn’t stopped us from getting out and going june fishing in key largo.  The tarpon bite is not quite what it was in April however we are still catching some nice fish.  Generally my trips haven’t been quite 100% focused on tarpon and often we just try for a few hours in the morning or afternoon.  The last 3 trips we have caught them all times that we tried and went and did other things the rest of the day which has been a winning formula for me.  Today we caught lots of sharks in the key largo backcountry as well as some big ‘mud marlin.’  We also caught plenty of nice size trout, ladyfish, and snapper.  3 days ago we went and hit the gulf of mexico, key largo wreck fishing.  It was a great day with a a couple permit on light tackle, 3 cobia, 2 gigantic 300 lb bullsharks, a couple nice redfish, and limit of seatrout for dinner.  If your looking for key largo tarpon fishing in june I have evenings available and that is a more productive option most of the time than fishing in the morning.  The full days the backcountry tarpon just have not been around consistently so I would recommend an evening trip.  Give me a call or email and I can get you out there!