2/24/13 Key Largo Trout and Snapper Fishing

Had a half day today on 2/24/13 and did some key largo snapper fishing as well as key largo trout fishing.  We hit some islands early with some live shrimp looking for mangrove snapper.  We found a ton though had to weed through some small ones but managed to pick out some nice 12 inchers for dinner.  Also off the edge of the bank that dropped into the moat, we picked three huge trout out as well as a redfish – unusual in the crystal clear water that is found in the area.  The trout were all 24-25 inches, nice size for down here!  Anything is possible on a key largo fishing charter which is what makes fishing down here so fun!  After we had enough fun with this, we went in search of muds in the bay.  These muds, often found in the spring and summer though can be around at any time, hold a variety of fish as well.  The usual suspects are ladyfish, trout, jack crevalle, pompano, and occasionally you also get some blacktip sharks and tarpon in there too.  Today we found more trout, not quite as big but several keeper size which we all released as well as some ladyfish.  One thing I often like to do is hit these muds and keep the ladyfish for bait, then do some key largo tarpon fishing by fishing some of those live and dead on the bottom around the local channels and bridges.  Didn’t try this today but definitely will become part of the half day routine as we enter the spring and tarpon season!  If your thinking of doing some february key largo fishing get in touch, I may possibly have some late afternoon trips still available!


Author: Capt. Rick Stanczyk

Florida Keys Fishing Captain born and raised in Islamorada, FL!