12/14/17 Key Largo Fishing Backcountry in December

Got out with Pam and Lars today and we had just an epic day of december key largo fishing.  The weather was still very cold for here, but the winds died off yesterday afternoon and it was very calm.  The water got nice looking in many areas as when it is cold and calm, the sediment drops out of the water and the fish love this.  The bait tank was loaded with some nice, lively, large shrimp.  Shrimp pour through the bay when it gets this cold, and the fish usually are keyed in on them in the backcountry.  They don’t like to struggle much for a meal, so a shrimp on a jig head worked very slow works wonders.  We got on an epic bite of snook, redfish, black drum, and even got a couple small tarpon!  Just a fabulous day and seemed we couldn’t do anything wrong.  We landed over 3 dozen fish it was fabulous.  Later on we ran home via the gulf side and caught some triple tails off the crab pot buoys.  Several little guys but one keeper for dinner.  We also had caught a couple trout before which we kept for dinner as well, so just enough for a good meal for the 2 of them.  Next week I have plenty of availability so if you are wanting to get out on a key largo fishing trip in the winter, look me up!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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Author: Capt. Rick Stanczyk

Florida Keys Fishing Captain born and raised in Islamorada, FL!