3/24/13 Key Largo Monster Fish!

Fishing wasn’t easy today here in key largo backcountry fishing.  Howling southwest winds of 25 knots!  We made our way into the bay and limited out on big seatrout though up to 20′.  Also lots of ladyfish which we use for cut bait, and a few snappers of the mangrove variety.  Shark fishing in key largo was productive lots of blacktips and blacknoses.  Though after a few of them we hooked a big 100 lb tarpon!  A welcome surprise, he stayed on the line and we chased him for a bit and eventually got him boatside.  It was great to see in the muddy water we were fishing due to the high winds, but you never know what you’ll catch when your on a key largo fishing charter so you need to get out there and try!  I’ve also got a picture here of a monstrous goliath grouper caught by a young 10 year old boy on a charter last week.  They also caught a big bull shark plus plenty of other rod benders!  The tarpon fishing in key largo may slow down for a few days as we have more cold weather unfortunately coming, but I don’t think for long and good news is after it leaves I think April the tarpon will really go off as they have been ready and waiting!!!

Author: Capt. Rick Stanczyk

Florida Keys Fishing Captain born and raised in Islamorada, FL!